Sicam 21 allowed the company to effectively tell the story of the great research and development work that Eureka has carried out over the last two years. Interesting, for example, is the study of opening systems that combine groove and handle and solve groove problems without sacrificing ergonomics. Equally important is the work on equipment bars, which are becoming increasingly versatile, as demonstrated by the Alba aluminium bar project which, with its accessories, is a perfect solution for optimising domestic space. A rich range that adapts perfectly to the needs of every environment: from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the bathroom to the living room, up to contract spaces such as hotels and bars. Available in standard colours or on customer request, with USB charger, for use with mobile phones or to power small items of furniture. Alba has been tested and certified by the authoritative Catas® certification body.

Development also continues for Airone, the aluminium shelf support with a design reminiscent of a bird’s beak, which also becomes an adjustable foot for furniture.

Nel frattempo Eureka non trascura neppure la ricerca per diventare un’azienda sempre più sostenibile e ha istituito nel 2019 Green Hands, un gruppo dedicated to green research and development initiatives. Among the activities promoted are the elimination of plastic and the planting of a company grove, the “Boskèt”, which absorbs part of the CO2 emissions and emits oxygen into the surrounding environment. Since the beginning of 2021, three bee hives have also been placed inside the Boskèt: a concrete help in saving the species and the environment.