Since 2019 in Eureka there is GREEN HANDS, a group of people who have the will to pursue initiatives related to Green attitude and environmental respect.
The activities of this group reflect Eureka’s desire to operate with full respect for the environment and the community in which it is located, offering a better future to new generations.

Eureka tells the Green project through a video showing the ecological innovations carried out in recent years: the integration of solar panels to produce clean energy, electric car charging stations, water columns, the inclusion of ecological printers in the company, the creation of the Boskèt and the installation of three beehives inside it.


In Eureka, two electric car recharging stations have been installed in the car parks in front of the company entrances.

Used by customers, suppliers
and employees, these recharging stations allow two cars to be recharged at the same time, offering an additional service and a gesture to protect the environment and the planet.


At the end of August, new water columns were installed in all the company’s break areas in Eureka, allowing employees to refill their water bottles without limit, thus reducing the consumption of plastic bottles.

All inlets have been tested and have a certificate of potability.
The path to a greener company is also made up of small gestures.


Eureka is getting greener! Laser printers were replaced at the site with HP PageWide multifunctional printers.
These printers not only provide superior print quality but also help drastically reduce energy consumption and waste.
These printers conserve energy and reduce waste, helping the company to leave a smaller environmental footprint without sacrificing quality or performance.

While print remains vital, environmental responsibility has become a major challenge for businesses today.