Since 1987 we have been creating handles and accessories for industry and furniture. We give value to the ideas of our designers thanks to a policy of continuous research and development in order to arrive at innovative and competitive solutions.

About us

Eureka has its rootsand its history in the industrious Veneto region, which has been able to develop and establish itself entrepreneurially on a global scale. Hard-working, tenacious, generous people, attached to traditions, values and family.

Thanks to these premises, it has grown and developed, strengthened by those values that see the centrality of the person as a success factor, a focus of attention and an element that characterises the company, the society and the territory in which it lives. Today the facilities cover an area of more than 13,000 square metres. Eureka is present in Italy and in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Improvement as a natural evolution of our actions.

Eureka’s desire is to have a positive impacton the environment in which it operates, on the lives of the people who work with it and on the territory from which it comes, increasing its well-being. The company affirms all this through awork culture aimed at sustainable growth and development, the dissemination of human values that promote respect for people and the environment in which they live, believing in the realisation of a better future for all.


Eureka is characterised by the different solutions it is able to propose and offer to its customers. Thanks to the important work of the research and development department, the aim is to provide ever new, functional and innovative products. We process plastics, zamak and aluminium in bar and die-cast form. The company has technologies for aluminium cleaning and oxidation; present in sectors such as furniture, home automation and automotive. Peculiar to the Eureka world are the pursuit of quality and the characterisation of its product. The aim is to meet a wide range of requirements through industrial process efficiency.

Respect for
the environment

Eureka recognises the fundamental importance of environmental protection and sustainable production; for this reason, it has invested over the years with the aim of reducing the environmental impact in the area. In particular:

  • Has a photovoltaic system that produces 150,000 KW per year.

  • Most of the materials used within the production cycle are recyclable and not harmful to the environment

  • It pays particular attention to the disposal of industrial waste, and has had a new purification plant for aluminium anodising for some years.

  • It complies with the European Regulation Reach No. 1907/2006, which came into force on 1 July 2007, ensuring the same control also at its suppliers.

Eureka for Social

Social responsibility is a fundamental concept in Eureka’s philosophy: a choice that reflects the desire to respect the territory in which it has developed and, above all, to contribute personally within the social fabric in which it operates. Aware of its role in the community, Eureka has adopted a policy of environmental protection for genuine sustainable development. With this aim in mind, over the years it has developed a series of profitable, ongoing partnerships with a number of different associations and organisations in the area, all of which have in common their practicality and goodwill.
A non-profit organisation that has taken on the task of setting up and increasing a fleet of operating machinery for the construction of artesian wells and excavations in Cameroon, as well as reservoirs and water retention.
Association for the regeneration of natural environments.
Important Italian oncology reference centre. Cultural association promoting the musical tradition and cultural tourism in the Veneto region.
Amateur sports association.


Founded in 1988, Point began as a craft company, producing metal components for the furniture industry. In 2003, it entered the market with a series of tables designed in-house and its own sales network. The remarkable growth meant that in 2010 the company became an industry and significantly expanded its production chain, keeping it entirely in Italy. The following year, a wide range of products combining tradition with innovative and essential design was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the result of the in-house design team’s collaboration with the Arter&Citton studio. Made in Italy, design, quality and technological research encapsulate thirty years’ experience in the interior design sector.