Sicam 2022 is over. We cannot hide the fact that it was a pleasure to be able to discuss ideas, projects and especially our new products in this new edition.


The exhibition concept of the stand aims, through the use of a natural element such as the beehive cell, to VALORISE ORGANISATION and OPTIMISATION OF SPACE.

The focus on organising space and reducing waste, as the guiding motif of Eureka’s production, is realised in versatile products suitable for all spaces.


This year we presented numerous products, from novelties to restyling.

THE NEW ALBA: is an equipped bar made more contemporary in design thanks to the restyling of the drawer. Its range of accessories is perfectly adapted to the needs of all environments: from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom.

LA FISSA“, foot and shelf support: its lines are reminiscent of geometric essentiality, in a play of delicate yet decisive balances. Its rhythmic shapes enhance the geometric power and make this article a modern, transversal complement for all spaces.

AIRONE, foot and shelf support: the essential lines, inspired by the shapes of nature, make this article a modern, transversal complement for all spaces.

BAMBOO: the new modular shelf support by Eureka. Light and dynamic and inspired by the extraordinary natural growth cycle of bamboo, it makes it possible to realise countless wall compositions. The coupling gives the possibility of adjustment on vertical axes and in depth, ideal for sloping walls.

LOOP: is a multifunctional aluminium wall design that allows the creation of open structures.


Among this year’s innovations are the handles and handle profiles. Collaboration with designers and architects based on the search for modern lines and high-quality design has led to innovative proposals from both an aesthetic and technical point of view.

Among them, the FSC wood and aluminium handle proposal stood out in terms of concept research, environmental awareness and sustainability.

To find out about all our proposals, visit the handles page.