Meeting at SICAM, after two years, was an indescribable emotion.

To be able to meet you again, to discuss things face to face without having to be behind a computer screen was the best thing and to be able to do it on the Eureka stand was like welcoming you into our home.


The stand was conceived with the idea of showing the layout of domestic spaces in the best possible way, identifying the space of both the home and the contract.

According to this logic, the environment has been divided into four themes, which show the versatility of use of our products: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom.

The peripheral arrangement of the various settings has made it possible to create a “square” from which the full potential of Eureka products can be viewed from the central point. This centrality also made it possible to highlight the strength of our products, which are versatile and dynamic thanks to their integration in all environments.


Since 2019 in Eureka and Point there is GREEN HANDS, a group of people who have the will to pursue initiatives related to Green attitude and environmental respect.

The activities of this group reflect Eureka’s will to operate in full respect of the environment and the community in which it is located, offering a better future to the new generations.

In the first months of 2020, the Boskèt “the forest that absorbs emissions” was born: a “filter” area that is able to capture CO2 emissions and release oxygen into the surrounding environment.

As of the beginning of 2021, 3 bee hives have been placed inside the Boskèt: a concrete help in protecting the species and the environment.


The gadgets proposed for Sicam 2021 follow our Green philosophy.

  • The jars of honey, an untreated 0 km product;
  • the Eureka shopping bags are made from 100% organic cotton. The production of organic cotton supports the health of the environment, the ecosystem and people, promoting the use of natural processes and substances, combining tradition and scientific innovation to promote sustainability and quality of life;
  • Postcards with photos and data sheets of our products are printed on 100% recycled paper.


The birch tree, the protagonist of our stand this year (now a symbol of the Eureka exhibition spaces) and the “green” walls made of plants native to our territory are part of a set-up aimed at raising awareness of environmental protection.


History, our past, our origins, are what identifies and characterises us.

Reproposing the theme of the empty corner on our stand was a way of “honouring” one of the oldest themes in architecture,

In fact, the filling of the corner in architecture has been one of the most discussed themes since ancient Greece.