Eureka find its roots and history in that industrious and agricultural Veneto Region which has known how to develop and establish itself at a global level.

Industrious, determined, generous, attached to traditions, to values, to family people.

Thanks to these preconditions, we have grew and developed, building on those values who see the person as key success factor, point of interest and main feature of the company where we work and the territory where we live. Today our factories are covering an indoor area of more than 13.000 m3. We are widespread in Italy and in more than 40 countries all over the world.


We see improvement as a natural evolution of our actions.

Our wish is to influence positively the place where we operate, the life of the people who cooperate with us and our country of origin, improving the wellness of all them. We express this through a labour culture aimed to sustainable development and human values, which promote the respect of people and of the place where we live, believing in the realization of a best future for everyone.


Eureka main feature is proposing a wide pattern of solutions to its own customers in the furniture industry. Thanks to the important work done in the Research and Development area, the aim is to supply always new, functional and innovative products. We manufacture zamak, extruded or die-cast aluminium, plastic materials. We have technologies in the anodization of aluminium at the service of branches like furnishing, domotics and automotive. Distinctive features of Eureka’s world are the research of quality and the originality of our product. The purpose is to satisfy the more different needs thanks to the efficiency of the industrial process.


Enviromental conservation and sustainable production are foundamental to Eureka; for this reason, over the years, we made some investements with the aim of reducing the enviromental impact of the territory. In particular:

+ Eureka has a photovoltaic system that produces 150.000 KW for year.
Most of the materials used in the production cycle are recyclable and not harmful to the environment.
The company pays particular attention to the disposal of industrial waste; since years Eureka has in fact an industrial wastewater treatment system.
+ Eureka respects the European regulation Reach N.1907 / 2006, entered into force on 1st July 2007, making the same control also by its suppliers


Social responsibility is one of the fundamental principles of the industrial philosophy of Eureka: a choice that reflects the company’s desire of respecting the area in which it developed, and above all, to contribute in first person in the social fabric in which it works. With this aim, over the years Eureka has developed a series of fruitful and longstanding collaborations with some associations in the area, which operates for various goals, but are brought together by a sense of purpose and good will. – NGO that takes charge of building and developing a machinery park for the constructions of artesian wells in Cameroon, as well as in collection jars and water retention. – Association for the regeneration of the natural enviroment. – Oncology Center of excellence in Italy. – Cultural association that promotes traditional music and cultural tourism in the Veneto region. – Amateur sport association.


Point has been found in 1988 as a manufacturing firm, producer of steel components for the furniture industry. In 2003 it proposes to the market a range of tables internally designed and an own commercial network. In 2010 after a huge grown Point becomes an industry and considerably increases its chain of production, completely remaining in Italy. The following year it has been presented, at “Salone del Mobile” in Milan, a wide selection of products which unify the tradition to innovative and essential design, borned of the collaboration of the internal team project with Arter&Citton studio. Made in Italy, design, quality and technological research contain a 30-year experience in the interior sector.